Week 5 Blog Posts & Infographics

1. Identifying Blog Post Types

  1. How to blogs. 

The How-To Post is another staple blog post idea. Describe how to execute a process and use images, video or audio to enrich the post and make it as easy as possible for your visitor to take action.

How to make Slime


Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 6.54.07 pm.png

2. List post Blogs

List posts are everywhere and for good reason… they flat out work. Create a list of books, tools, resources or any other thing that your market will find useful.

Judith Collins must read books blog


Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 6.56.09 pm.png

3. Holiday Post Blogs

Some blogs go dormant on popular holidays while others use the opportunity to deliver well-wishes to their audience and display their humanity.

Hayley on Holiday


Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 6.59.25 pm.png

4. Behind the scenes blog posts

If you have a loyal following they will want to see what goes on behind the scenes of the content that you can create.

Ted Talks behind the scenes


Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 7.02.09 pm.png

5. Guard down posts

Some of the best content on the web is created by a content creator that lets their guard down by delivering a deeply personal experience that the audience can relate to. 

The Young Mummy


Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 7.04.26 pm.png


2. Creating a Blog Post

With reference to the infographic ‘Ultimate List of Blog Post Ideas’ (available in Moodle) and the related blog post – http://www.digitalmarketer.com/blog-post-ideas – create your own blog post that matches one of the different types. (Hint – the types with a lightning icon can be put together quickly). Include at least one legally sourced image or video. Post a link to your post in the Portfolio along with the name of the blog post type being used.

5 Tips to utilise your SEO



SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and can be a living breathing terror if you have no idea what you are doing which was me about 25 minutes ago! Follow me to discover the 5 easy (yes easy) tips to utilise your SEO for the better!!!

Now if you don’t own or run a business, blog or anything else online you have probably never heard of such a thing as SEO. I am a Marketing Student who considers her self quite the tech savy gal! Little did I know I actually had no idea. Making a website is actually such a process and if you don’t use your SEO, your website will basically not exist to Google and hence irrelevant to the world. I mean if you can’t be found on google do you even exist on earth? Like really. SEO’s and AdWords can quite frankly put you on peoples radar and in the ranks of google. Hello first page of the search!!! 

The dream is to hit the first pages of Google rankings and SEO is the key tool to use to basically get you there sister (or brother).

Step 1. Consider your key words.

There is this tool on Google called ‘Google AdWords’ and through there you can type in keys words that relate to your business. For example your a small start up floristry business. The key words you would enter into the tool could include;

  • Sydney
  • Flowers
  • Florist 
  • Florist near me
  • Fresh flowers
  • Flowers delivered
  • Roses only
  • Your competitors name etc

From here, Google will tell you how many times these words are searched per month and depending on the size of your business (which is small in this case) anything with 1000 plus visitors per month is fantastic. Sooooo you would choose the right words for your business from this and add them to your campaign, URL and tag them throughout your website text and images. Every time someone searches your ad words your business page will appear. Viola! Amazing right?

Step 2. Create amazing content

If your content isn’t amazing or relevant, DON’T post it. You don’t want to smother your audience with junk. Produce quality content and post when ever necessary. Don’t over do it!! People get this wrong all of the time. Keep it simple, keep it current, make sure its important.

Step 3. Make your content easy to share

The optimal goal of creating content is for something to go viral right? So why in the world would you create content that your audience can’t share to their worlds? Make sure that every post you make can be shared on all of your platforms. Again, if it can’t be found it basically doesn’t exist. All of that time and effort you went into creating unique and original content was for nothing then. Thats a waste of time, and time means money.

Step 4.Optimise your sites built in tools

If you do a little digging on your website back end you will find these amazing tool such as widgets and SEO optimiser. All you essentially have to do it turn them on! Just like that and viola your website is amazing! Well maybe not ‘just like that’ you do have to do a little bit of adjusting to what works best for you and your site but the majority of settings are computer generated. Linking all of your social platforms, adding a map etc are little features that boost the overall look of your website for the better.

Step 5. Be natural

Be natural. When you are creating your content let your personality shine through. Users like to connect with the person behind the content and if not. They will connect with the fact that each post is consistent. Don’t go too over the top but then don’t go in the opposite direction that is dry and monotone. Find a happy medium that works for you. Keep it real people.


3. Creating an Infographic

5 Tips to utilise your SEO.jpg


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