Week 8 Copywriting & lost in translation

1. Copywriting

Locate an online sales pages for a product or service Identify the copywriting elements you find (eg. problem, benefits, scarcity etc). List the elements you find (in order). State whether you think this would be an effective sales pages and give reasons for your choice. Post a link to the sales page along with your report in the Portfolio.

Copy write analysis of Suzanne Collins website.

Suzanne Collins web page link

  1. Call out to your audience

“Could you survive the hunger games?”

  1. Get their attention

“Learn behind the scenes info from the author herself. Plus never before seen deleted chapters”

  1. Backup the big promise headline with an quick explanation (SUB)

“Susan Collins will take you behind the scenes into the never before seen side of the Hunger Games trilogy.

  1. Identify the problem

Users don’t know what the site is about

  1. Provide the solution

Give users a clear vision on what the site is about. Provide tabs for about Susan, Link to buy books, links to behind the scenes stuff, link to Susan’s personal blog etc.

  1. Show pain of and cost of development

“We know you are dying to know more about the hunger games trilogy”

  1. Explain ease-of-use

“Really easy to access via amazon and kindle to satisfy your hunger games withdrawals”

  1. Show speed to results
  2. Future cast

“Your life will be forever changed with never before seen or heard pages. ”

  1. Show your credentials

“From Susan Collins herself. The New York Times best selling author”

  1. Detail the benefits

“You will be the only one in your friendship group that knows what Susan is about to share”

  1. Get social proof

“ You’ll have the envy of all of your friends with what you are about to learn”

  1. Make your offer

“Sign up now to Susan’s page and download the book right now. Offer only exists for another 10 minutes! Hurry before time runs out”

  1. Add bonuses

“If you subscribe now you will receive a signed copy of the first book for free”

  1. Build up your value

“If you send the code you receive once you sign up to a friend you will receive all 3 books signed. Only for the next 5 minutes”

  1. Reveal your price (pop by button)

“Subscribe for only $10 a month.”

  1. Inject scarcity (if any)

“For a limited time only when you subscribe you will receive a hunger games bookmark”

  1. Give guarantee

“100% money back guarantee if we don’t reveal something you have never heard before. For the entirety of your subscribtion”

  1. Call to action

“Call right now for your chance to win a trip to London and meet Susan Collins”

  1. Give a warning

“For a limited time only. Subscriptions will reach a capacity”

  1. Close with a reminder

“Hurry! Subscribe before it’s too late’

Is this an effective sales pages?

No. Not at all.

  • no links to the product
  • no actual info to suggest they are selling anything
  • poor design and layout.

2. Lost in Translation

Locate an example of an ‘epic fail’ in relation to promoting a product or service in another country where cultural or other differences weren’t taken into account. Describe the situation highlighting what went wrong (and how it could have been avoided) in the Portfolio. Include images if appropriate.

Ugly Tub


Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 1.56.09 pm.png

Cultural or other differences

  • crass
  • rude
  • meant to be funny but can be taken as rude
  • cheap
  • bogan
  • uneducated
  • unappealing images
  • doesn’t flow
  • can be seen as disrespectful in certain cultures via imagery of fat man in bath.

What went wrong?

  • not appealing
  • not easy on the eye
  • looks low class
  • budget job
  • no time or effort put into design.

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